Daughter physically assaulted during an audition in Dubai: TV host Nadia Khan.

Pakistani actress and TV presenter Nadia Khan has filed a police
complaint against the CEO of a popular American children’s talent
hunt agency accusing him of assaulting her 14-year-old daughter during
an audition in Dubai last weekend reported Gulf News.

In an interview with Gulf News, Dubai-based Pakistani TV host said
that incident has left her 14-year-old bruised and badly shaken.

Hundreds of children came with their parents for the audition and
many were left disillusion-ed as the audition was disrupted after Nadia
called the police at the venue and the company’s 47-year-old CEO
was held for questioning.

The American actor/producer whose company claims to represent some
of the biggest music and television shows in the US, was later summoned
to Al Barsha Police Station where a complaint was filed.

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