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I randomly crossed paths with Denim & Leather in Paris while I
was on the hunt for a punk show to escape the gypsies hustling selfie
sticks. Whether it be dumb luck or fate, I stumbled across a flyer that
caught my eye. It was for the Paris stop of their tour with TV Crime
that night. I went down into the brick-dungeon-like venue where I was
blown away by these English gents. After the show I talked to the dudes
about their ties to Saxon, skating and the Queen.–Jordan Joseffer


So, what’s up? You guys are named after a Saxon song?

Yeah, yeah. We’re named after the Saxon song. Basically our
guitarist used to work for a massive ticket company called Ticketline
and he said when he used to work the box office there was one lone guy
who bought a ticket to every metal show on his own and he would come
with a massive battle jacket on with every band on it. He was going to
those gigs alone and the Saxon song has a very similar sentiment that
makes people value those kind of things. So we wanted to make music for
that one lone rocker.

Seeing how you guys play punk, it seems like an average Saxon fan
would be bummed on you guys.

We’ve been getting booked for, like, glam metal gigs and we
played them all. Most people are kind of confused but a big percentage
of people are, like, “That’s pretty fucking good.”
It’s more about bringing the energy to that kind of thing without
it being the homogenized crappy rock ‘n’ roll that it is.

Has anyone ever demanded for you to cover “Denim and

Never! Not yet. I wish someone would embarrass us like that. I
don’t even know half of the lyrics.

I noticed you have an unfinished Thrasher logo tattoo that just
says “Thrash.” What happened? Did it hurt too bad or are you
really into thrash?

I don’t feel pain. Nah, I got this a long time ago. I’ve
been a skater forever. This is our lives, you know. We are children
’til we die. Our boards are on tour. We’ve been ripping it up
at every stop as much as we can. We’ve been skating since we were
about 13. We never got any better but we just continued doing it through
it being popular and unpopular and now it’s popular again.
We’re a lot worse than people who are our age that just started.

Well, it doesn’t matter if it’s popular; it just matters
if you’re having fun doing it.

Yes, of course.

I gotta ask you about your other tattoo. It’s PMA but
it’s crossed out.

Ha! It wasn’t meant to be crossed out. I also have another
tattoo here that says, “Kill Yourself” so it kind of made
sense. As soon as I got the PMA tattoo and it was crossed out I was,
like, “This is bullshit. I don’t want to cross this out. This
is the code I live by and I love the Bad Brains.” And in accordance
to it I thought, “You know what? Fuck it. Kill yourself.” I
used to write graffiti back in Manchester and that was our crew name:
“Kill yourself” or “Kiss Your Sister.”

Have you guys toured the USA?

Never, but we’ve played with some American bands: Poison Idea,
Bl’ast! from Santa Cruz and others.

As an American I feel like we look stupid to the rest of the world.
We just elected Donald Trump as President. Do you guys think we’re

That doesn’t reflect on the rest of the fucking people. The
fact that man can get so many people to think, “Oh, he’s just
like me,” when he’s a fucking billionaire from birth with 20
yachts, 100 billion dollars, prostitutes on tap–It doesn’t reflect
on everyone, though.

How do you guys feel about the Queen?

Kill it. The thing is we persecute | people who take advantage of
the ‘ benefit system, like help for families and help with homes
and stuff like that, but she has this massive house and loads of other
houses and gets loads and loads of money. She’s the biggest benefit
fraud in the UK.

Could you credit the Queen’s reign to punk? Dating back to the
Sex Pistols.

Everything is affected by everything. Malcom McLaren knew if he
engineered all those situations he’d be able to get a decent
response off the media, but what he was doing was following what other
people had done in the past with the Beatles and stuff like that. I
don’t attribute any of that kind of thing to the Sex Pistols. They
were just kind of like following the trend. Kind of like how a shop like
American Apparel will sell Circle Jerks shirts and stuff like that. They
are reappropriating something that was ghetto and working class culture
and making it something that’s sellable.

Anything else you want to say to the skaters around the world?

Skeet skeet. Keep YOLOing only once. Make America vape again.
It’s only 4:20 twice a day and Denim n Leather are going to fuck
you up.

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