Invista says its new nyion 1,6 acts like a thermoset resin.

Houston-based specialty chemicals maker Invista Intermediates
revealed at the late-March SPE Thermoset Conference in Phoenix that it
has developed a new polymer called nylon 1,6 that it suggests behaves
more like a thermoset than a thermoplastic resin.


William Tenn, senior research associate at Invista, said thermal
analysis of the new material shows it has properties consistent with
decreasing polymer crystallinity and increasing crosslinking. The
material’s thermal behavior also showed it is similar to resins
such as melamine, urea-formaldehyde and phenolic (Bakelite).

Tenn said that nylon-1,6 can be prepared directly from
adiponitrile, water and formaldehyde using acid catalysis, and that the
synthesis can be performed at room temperature in open beakers.
Additionally, he noted, thermogravimetric analysis of the resin
indicates that the material offers good thermal stability up to about
300 [degree]C.

Invista says it is seeking external industrial partners to
accelerate development of nylon 1,6, and is seeking opportunities for
co-development, licensing and consulting.

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